Sujeeva Hapugalle presents


Young  Artists  Performance  Series

... learning the artistry of communication through the magical language of music

The “Young Artists Performance Series” was initiated by pianist  Sujeeva Hapugalle, to nurture  musical talent  of Young Artists  and to make a difference in our community through their music.


These award winning Young Artists share a deep desire to communicate with audiences...  and are thrilled to present exciting classical repertoire!. They have been selected as auditioned artists  to coveted festivals and chamber music programs around the country.  They have won first place awards at leading International Music  Competitions and have made more than 25 appearances for winner's recitals at Weill and Stern Auditoriums at Carnegie Hall  in New York.


Over the last few years, these young musicians raised over $25,000  through  Sujeeva's  "Musical Bridges"    program in collaboration with the San Francisco Symphony League and  the Music at Kohl charity, to promote classical music in the local school system.   These education programs promote "Kids helping Kids...  through Music".


In 2013,  Sujeeva & Prasanna started creating a series of recordings, to further develop poise and presence in performance...  and to share music through this virtual "On-Line Recital Hall".

This site also provides access  to children around the world, and presents an  opportunity to follow the musical development and growth of  young artists of similar age.


By 2019, many  of the young artists had completed 10+  years of studies with Sujeeva.  Appreciation of classical music and  community service  through music  had become an important part of their development.    Written essays that express passion for music and highlight rewarding experiences of serving community through "Musical Bridges" and other charity programs,  supported by compelling recorded classical music performance portfolios, have helped graduating students with college applications.    They have  gained  admission to competitive university programs, and  have won education grants including the coveted National Merits Scholarship.


Hope  you will stay on to enjoy a few performances by these talented Young Artists !






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